Hello world!

So this is it, my first post and so it must be about this, my WordPress site, how it runs, and what it’s running on.

Created in December 2018 because… well, just because.

Hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3+ with a wired PoE connection that is running this from a Rasbpian Stretch distribution. Nginx, MariaSQL, PHP and WordPress are all running from this guide. The only issue I had following it was with the domain name and something automagically adding a www prefix, but Google was my friend in getting that sorted. Note to self – always read guides thoroughly before hacking at the keyboard.

Dynamic DNS is setup via FreeDNS with a curl job keeping it updated. As is also on both the MotionEye Webcam and the Flight Aware receiver. Each keeping their own cctv and skyview sub domain names registered every five minutes.

All my sites are now running through this Nginx reverse proxy server that is also handling the Let’s Encrypt website SSL certificate renewals via CertBot.

With this site I’m also experimenting with the Dynamic DNS service offering, as this is something my BT Hub supports internally.

I also have a PiSupply PiJuice UPS HAT from a kickstarter project I backed some years ago. I plan to install this next, once it’s been tested to provide power protection to this device and it’s configuration.

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